• Hotel Addition
    Hotel Addition
    Designed to complement the existing 7-story hotel, the new east wing was separated from the main building for seismic separation and to create a new porte-cochere. By design, the fitness center became a glass bridge connecting the two buildings.
  • San Mateo Remodel
    San Mateo Remodel
    This eclectic house from the 1950s needed help with curb appeal and interior room layout. We accomplished both with a complete remodel – inside and out – including a more open floor plan, better connection with the outdoor spaces, and Green Building features for a more efficient home.
  • Second Italian Renaissance Revival
    Second Italian Renaissance Revival
    On this 3.5 acre lot in Hillsborough, our greatest challenge was to find the best possible location for the new 12,000 sq. ft. house. We analyzed the topo survey and walked the site to identify site-specific assets to help this decision. In doing so, we discovered previously neglected views of the bay and then sited the house to capture those views.
  • Office Remodel in Redwood City
    Office Remodel in Redwood City
    From a sow’s ear to a silk purse, this remodel gave life to a dilapidated old building in downtown Redwood City. Due to the zoning requirements and design guidelines of the City, the building footprint was left intact while the exterior walkways were enclosed to provide shelter from the weather. Architectural detailing and color variation breaks down the large mass and provides a more human scale at the pedestrian level.
  • Hillsborough Guest Cottage
    Hillsborough Guest Cottage
    We designed this new guest cottage adjacent to a 100-year-old Tudor-style mansion. Through careful detailing and a compatible material palette, the two-story cottage is a complementary addition to this spectacular Hillsborough property.

    In addition to the guest cottage, we have also been involved in several ongoing interior remodels of main house.

  • Burlingame Offices
    Burlingame Offices
    Adjacent to the old ‘Burlingame Garden Center’, this new office building was designed to acknowledge it’s historic neighbor using a complementary material palette of brick veneer and glass block in a sleek, modern configuration.